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Netwealth is a wealth management service that brings together a highly qualified team, a powerful online service and a robust investment framework.

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When investing your capital is at risk

A new approach to managing your investments

Design your investments online or talk with an adviser beforehand

Get immediate access to our Online Investment Service and choose the best portfolios for different financial goals. Engage with a financial adviser at any time.

Open your account online in minutes

Once you’ve chosen your investments you can easily open your account with Netwealth. We offer GIA, Personal Pension, ISA and JISA accounts in sterling, dollar and euro denominations.

Let our investment team manage your portfolios

As a discretionary service Netwealth makes the day-to-day investment decisions on your behalf, at a fraction of the industry cost. You can access your portfolios online at any time.

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When investing your capital is at risk

A Robust Online Investment Service

Supports goal-based financial planning

Agree the client's investment objective, select the appropriate portfolio for their risk profile and decide their contributions.

Review your client's investment objectives

You can access portfolio projections and scenario data to demonstrate the potential outcomes and help the client to understand and adjust their investment preferences accordingly.

Access valuations and portfolio performance

Once the client's Netwealth account is open, the platform allows you to monitor the holdings and exposures by asset class, sector and region and drill down into detailed portfolio performance.

Investment Philosophy

Our objective is to deliver attractive portfolio performance over the medium-to-long-term, enabling clients to meet their investment goals. We do this by providing cost-effective access to a professionally managed service, supported by in-depth financial analysis and insights.

We believe in the compounding value of minimising unnecessary, attritional costs to client portfolio returns. We build high quality, globally diversified, mutli-asset portfolios to deliver

sustainable, long-term performance. We take views based on long-term strategic thinking, which affords us the ability to be patient in order for our views to be rewarded, and we are resistant to the temptations of excessive trading which are often used to justify the notion of active management.

Building Strategic

Selecting Investments
for the Portfolios

Adopting Cyclical

Executive Team

Charlotte Ransom

Founder and CEO

Over 25 years of experience in private wealth management and investment banking. Goldman Sachs Partner for 10 years.

Thomas Salter

Founder and COO

Over 15 years’ experience in financial services. Managing Director and global head of equity and multi-asset quantitative investment strategies at JPMorgan.

Gerard Lyons

Chief Economic Strategist

27 years as an economic strategist at Chase Manhattan, Swiss Bank and Standard Chartered. Previously Chief Economic Adviser to Boris Johnson.

Iain Barnes

Head of Portfolio Management

15 years’ experience in asset management for both institutional and retail clients at UBS and Schroders, across active and passive strategies.

Matt Conradi

Head of Client Advisory

10 years’ experience in discretionary wealth management as a portfolio manager, advising and investing for private clients at Julius Baer and Merrill Lynch in London.

Rachel Willox

Head of Operations and Client Service

Extensive experience of change management, controls implementation, operational oversight and leading large-scale teams. Former executive director at JPMorgan.

Chris Arnold

Chief Technical Officer

Over 20 years’ experience developing and delivering software systems for the insurance, financial services and marketing industries.

Chris Charlton

Chief Financial Officer

18 years’ experience in financial services as a chartered accountant, 7 years in practice and 11 years in asset management.

Francisco van Zeller

Chief Marketing Officer

Over 15 years’ experience in marketing across different industries and countries. Digital entrepreneur and former director at Samsung Electronics.


Security is a vital aspect of our proposition and we apply superior security measures to both our clients’ accounts and to our technology.

All client assets are separately custodied and ring fenced. Client money is held in accordance with the applicable FCA rules and protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Netwealth uses dual-factor authentication for client log in and all personal data is securely encrypted both at rest and when transmitted. Our network host actively mitigates DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, as well as applying regular penetration testing.

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When investing your capital is at risk

*Our advisers offer restricted advice that relates to Netwealth’s products and services and do not consider the whole market. Netwealth does not provide tax or legal advice, and does not advise on pension transfers. If you would like a fuller assessment of your overall financial situation, would like tax or estate planning advice, are unsure as to any aspect of financial, legal and tax in relation to your individual circumstances and requirements, or are unsure about anything with respect our service you should seek independent financial advice.

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